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1. General provisions



This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) describes the terms and conditions on the basis of which the services of the p2p platform for electronic currency transfers of various FLASHOBMEN payment systems are provided and is an official written public offer addressed to individuals (hereinafter referred to as the User) to conclude an Agreement on the provision of services by the FLASHOBMEN service on the terms set out below.

Before using the services of the FLASHOBMEN service, the User is obliged to familiarize himself in full with the terms of this Agreement.
The use of FLASHOBMEN services is possible only if the User accepts all the terms of the Agreement.
The current version of the Agreement is available for public access on the FLASHOBMEN website (https://en.flashobmen.com ).


2. Terms and definitions used in the Agreement


FLASHOBMEN service is the name for a p2p platform for electronic currency transfers of various payment systems, and offers its services using a special software interface for all Users.


The Service's websitehttps://en.flashobmen.com


User — any individual who wishes to use the services of the FLASHOBMEN service and who has accepted the Agreement in accordance with its terms.


A payment system -  is a software product created by a third party, which is a mechanism for the implementation of accounting for monetary and/or other obligations, payment for goods and services on the Internet, as well as the organization of mutual settlements between its users.


Electronic currency -  is a monetary and/or other obligation between the developer of this currency and its user, expressed digitally.


Payment/operation — transfer of electronic and/or other currency from the payer to the recipient.

The client of the payment system is a person who has concluded an agreement with the relevant payment system for the acquisition of property rights of claim to it, measured in conventional units accepted in the relevant payment system.


Application -  is an expression of the User's intention to make an exchange offered by the Service by filling out an electronic form through the Service's website, on the terms described in the Agreement and specified in the parameters of this Application


The source currency -  is the currency that the User wants to exchange.


Source account – the wallet number or any other designation of the User's account in the Payment System from which the Source Currency was sent.


Receiving currency – the currency that the User receives as a result of the exchange of the Original currency


Receipt Account – the wallet number or any other designation of the User's account in the Payment System to which the Receipt Currency will be sent.


Currency reserve - the volume of a certain Electronic Currency available to the FLASHOBMEN Service at the time of the Application creation.


Currency exchange - is the exchange of the electronic currency of one payment system for the electronic currency of another payment system.


The exchange rate -  is the value ratio of two electronic currencies when they are exchanged.


Disruption of the Service - interference with the software or hardware of the Service; distortion of parameters transmitted to the Service; as well as the creation of applications, without their actual payment, for a time period determined by the system.


3. Subject of the agreement


3.1 The subject of this agreement is services for the exchange of electronic currencies through p2p payments between individuals.

The Service is intended for personal use only. By registering on the site, you consent to the transfer of FLASHOBMEN.COM reliable data about yourself in accordance with the registration procedure on the Site. You also agree that you will not use another account, nor will you attempt to gain unauthorized access to the accounts of other users.


3.2 We may also conduct additional checks of your information and request from you any necessary documentation and data related to the exchange (passport, card photo, card verification video, receipt of funds and other necessary data) for any reason related to your use of the Services and/or as supporting evidence for any information that you you provide. If the conditions for providing documents are not met, the Service has the right to refuse to provide services and initiate a refund to the sender's details in accordance with the regulations.

3.3 Any completed electronic currency exchange operation cannot be canceled by the User after its completion, i.e. the User receives the funds due to him under the previously accepted terms of the transaction, expressed in electronic or fiat form.

3.4  Service FLASHOBMEN has the right to suspend the operation and withhold the User's funds, in order to prevent fraudulent and other actions that may cause financial and reputational losses for the Service or the User, for the period required for conducting a financial investigation and obtaining transaction details from the payment gateway or the issuing bank.


3.5 The Administration of the Service has the absolute right to refuse to provide services to any User at its discretion.

The service is not responsible for unauthorized refund of funds received by customers on request, to the details from which the user received them. Completed exchanges are not subject to cancellation and refund. The User agrees that in case of unauthorized refund, the User is responsible for all possible losses


3.7 User information, personal account and information about operations are stored on the server and cannot be deleted.



4. Rights and obligations of the parties



4.1 The Service provides its services on an "as is" basis as described on the pages of the Service's website and does not offer any additional guarantees.


4.2 Taking care of the quality of the services provided to Users, the FLASHOBMEN Service undertakes to perform all actions under this Agreement


4.3 The Service guarantees the fulfillment of obligations to the User only within the limits of the amounts entrusted to the Service by the User for the exchange operation.


4.4  The Service will make every effort, but does not guarantee that its services will be available around the clock and daily. The Service does not bear any responsibility for losses, lost profits and other costs incurred by the User as a result of the inability to access the site and the services of the Service.


4.5 The Service does not bear any responsibility for losses, lost profits and other costs of the User resulting from delays, errors or failures in making bank payments or electronic transfers. As well as for the profit lost by the User and other costs resulting from the User's erroneous expectations regarding the tariff rates of the Service, the profitability of transactions and other subjective factors.

4.5.1 AML/KYT policy.

More detailed information about the AML/KYT verification policy.

The service verifies incoming crypto transactions by the AmlBot service
The administration of Flashobmen.com has implemented measures to reduce potential risks. The service does not accept payments from platforms, wallets, or exchanges subject to sanctions. Transactions from such sources may be frozen pending a complete investigation. According to this policy, the service may temporarily halt financial operations until the regulator's verification is completed. Upon request from the regulator (which could be an exchange, governmental entity, or other organization with appropriate legal authority), users must provide documents confirming their identity, existence, registered address, and financial capability. Furthermore, if the AML check of a transaction initiated by the client reveals significant risk (where the overall risk assessment exceeds 50%, or if it contains elements of High Risk such as Dark Market, Sanctions, Gambling, Illegal Service, Scam, Enforcement Action, Stolen Coins, or other similar factors), in such cases, the service reserves the right to conduct additional scrutiny of the transaction and involved parties. This may result in a temporary suspension of operations until a more detailed investigation is completed.
If your funds get blocked by an exchange (like BayBit) due to an unexpected inspection and inquiries about their source, our team at flashobmen.com is prepared to provide all the necessary data and assistance to resolve this situation.
The exchange service does not conduct a full KYC check of your identity documents, so AML services can mark our transactions with P2P Exchange High Risk, Risky Exchange, which may correspond to a risk level of up to 50%


4.6 In the case of a completed application, the Service is not responsible and does not compensate for losses if the User incorrectly specified the details when making the application. In this case, the Service does not undertake to carry out actions to return such funds.


4.6.1 If the user did not specify a TAG (tags) when creating an application for the Ripple (XRP) payment system, (on Binance this parameter is called "memo") the service is not responsible for possible losses of the User. In this case, by default, the TAG has the value "1". Be careful when creating and paying for the application.


4.7 If the User violates this agreement, the Service has the right to terminate the contract by refusing to execute the application and returning the funds received to the sender's details, or other details provided by the user by sending a letter directly from the email address specified in the application. If it is impossible or refused (as well as ignored) in the request of the Service to clarify the details in the above way, the Service reserves the right to return the funds received to the source of receipt.


4.8 The FLASHOBMEN Service does not verify the competence and legality of the User's possession of electronic currencies and/or funds involved in a particular Operation.


4.9 The Service has the right to suspend or cancel an ongoing operation if the User violates the terms of this agreement and return the funds deposited by the User to the user's details, minus the commission of the selected payment system


4.10 Service the right to restrict User's access to the services, breach the User agreement or suspicion to the User in an attempt to disrupt the Service (see “Terms”).


4.11 Service using technically complex software product allows for the possibility of technical failure and reserves the right in such cases to refuse to execute the contract, with the subsequent return of funds to the user's details in full.


4.12 The Service has the right, in case of receipt of funds from the User to the Service in an amount different from that specified in the application, to consider it as the User's order to recalculate and automatically execute the application, according to the amount actually received, without additional agreement with the User.


4.13 The Service has the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement with the user and return the funds if the payment from the user was received within a period exceeding the time allotted for the payment of the application.


4.14 The Service has the right to impose costs associated with the return of funds received from the User in the cases specified in the PP. (4.7.; 4.9; 4.13).

4.15 The Service has the right not to apply the terms of the affiliate program in cash-related exchange transactions.


4.16 The Service reserves the right to withhold 10%, as compensation for the labor costs and expenses of the Service on the partner's commission, when returning the amount received in the event: if the payment is made in a currency other than the currency in which the payment is provided for by the application.


4.17 FLASHOBMEN Service is not a party to the agreement between the Payment System/The Exchange and the Client of the payment system / Exchange and in no case is responsible for the actions of the Payment System / Exchange and its Client.

4.18 The Service has the right not to consider any claims on the application, the limitation period for which was more than 30 calendar days from the moment of its creation by the User and not to provide information on the application, the limitation period of which is more than 30 calendar days. The Service is not responsible for possible losses of the User on such an application.

4.18.1 Refunds on an application for which payment was received more than 10 days ago (in case the client did not get in touch using the specified contact information) is carried out with a deduction of 10% of the amount received. If the period of time is 30 or more days, then the amount of deduction for the labor costs of the service is 20%.

4.19 The Service has the right to make changes or additions to this Agreement at any time, they become effective and take effect immediately after their publication.

4.20 Rights and obligations of the User


4.21 By using the services of the FLASHOBMEN Service, the User confirms that he legally owns and disposes of the funds and/or electronic currency participating in the corresponding Payment. The User is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information and data that he provided during registration. If the User has entered incorrect personal data or provided incorrect data for the execution of the Application, the Service FLASHOBMEN.COM is not responsible for any losses of the User resulting from such an error.


4.22 The User should take into account that the only acceptable way for the service to change the details in the created application is an email sent from the mail specified by the User in the application to the Service's mail. The service provides a receipt, only to the mail specified in the application. A letter (Email) is sent to the user with confirmation of the date, time, details, exchange rate and exchange amount before executing the application, to verify the correctness of the specified data. After confirmation and payment of the application by the user, the service automatically executes the application according to the rate stated in the letter (Email). An incorrectly specified email address is regulated by clause 4.2.1


4.23 The User undertakes to independently calculate and pay all taxes and other fees required by the tax legislation of the User's location.


4.24 By transferring funds for exchange to the details provided by the Service in the application, the User confirms his consent to this Agreement and the terms of the application.


4.25 The User can express his gratitude for the work of the Service, in any form convenient for the User.


4.26 The User undertakes not to use the Service for fraudulent and illegal operations. The Service reserves the right to provide information about such payments to law enforcement agencies. You agree that you will not use the Services to carry out criminal activities, money laundering, illegal gambling, terrorist financing. If the Service, at its sole discretion, determines that the activity on your Account is suspicious or related to prohibited activity or illegal operation, the Service may suspend your Account, block any outstanding transactions, reject any subsequent transactions.


4.27 The User undertakes not to disrupt the operation of the Service


4.28 The User undertakes to indicate the card number from which the payment will be made. If the user has sent funds from another card (account) or, avoiding direct transfer, has used the services of third parties/services, the Service reserves the indisputable right to

1. termination of the contract with the user unilaterally,

2. return of received funds to the source of their receipt


4.29 The User undertakes to independently study and understand the terms of the Payment System/EXCHANGE/Bank used by him, which are governed by the relevant agreements, rules and conditions between them and the client.

4.30. Terms of creation and payment upon request by the user and the service 


4.31. After creating the application, the user agrees that he is familiar with the translation instructions, which contain all the necessary information and the time allotted for the translation.

Payment for the application must be received in 1 part (1 application = 1 transaction), unless otherwise specified in the terms of the application.
In case of violation of this clause, the application will be canceled, the funds will be returned to the User minus the payment system commission

4.32. When making a transfer, the User confirms that he legally owns funds (digital assets), does not use the service in illegal activities, and also does not use banking details, personal data or third-party funds for these purposes.


4.33. In case of receipt of funds (digital assets) from the user later than the allotted time and/or if the amount of receipt differs from that indicated in the application, the service has the right to recalculate the rate of the application to the current rate of the service, notifying the user or make a refund minus a commission not exceeding the total cost of labor.

- If the User paid for the application within 20 minutes, but the amount was received less or more than the specified (within 5%), the exchange rate for such an application will be recalculated according to the exchange rate at the time of receipt of payment. (there may be a deviation of the course within the framework of the course parser within 1-2 minutes)
- If the user has sent an amount less than the minimum threshold set by the Service for making an exchange - the funds will be returned to the source of sending minus the commission of the payment system within 1 hour
- The User has the right to cancel the paid application and refund the funds to the source of sending for deducting the commission of the payment system, provided that the application is not completed. To cancel, the client must contact the online chat and duplicate the request by email [email protected] from the mail specified in the application
- Completed applications are not subject to cancellation and refund


4.34. The execution of the application by the service and the sending of funds to the user takes place within 10 minutes, after the receipt of funds from the user, in some situations when the service is unable to make a transfer within 10 minutes (such as: maintenance / updating of the payment system / sites / resources - from which the service makes the transfer, etc. technical reasons), this time may be extended indefinitely, but not later than 24 hours, or the service will refund the user in full , in this case, the service will immediately notify the user by sending an email to the email address specified in the application.

4.35. After payment of the application or if any questions arise, the user can contact the service by the phone number indicated in the profile header, contact the online support chat (located at the bottom right of the site) or by writing an email to the service [email protected] .

4.36. In case of Force Majeure situations when blocking the account / card of the user or the service after the transfer of funds, the user and the service independently unlock the account / card, but they can request the necessary information from each other and, if necessary, provide maximum assistance.If the account/card of the Service is blocked as a result of a transfer from the User, the execution of the application may be suspended until the Service can verify the presence/absence of funds from the User. Each such situation is individual and is solved on an individual basis .
The service is not responsible to the user in case of his blocking of the card / account when trying to transfer funds to the details provided by the service in the application. 


4.37. In order to communicate with the user, the service uses the e-mail specified by the user when making an application, the user must specify his current and valid e-mail , in case of any questions and situations regarding the application .
If the user has indicated an inactive email , the service has the right to request individually supporting documents from the user confirming the sending of funds and confirmation of the user 's identity to make sure that the user is contacting on his own behalf who made the request and the transfer of funds , the details are replaced only through the mail specified in the application , in case of refusal to provide data , the service will refund funds for the source of origin, minus the commission not exceeding the total cost of labor.

4.38 The service does not accept or send funds via third-party networks, such as BSC (BA 20), BNB (BEP2), TRC751 and similar networks. Users who decide to send funds through such networks take full responsibility for any loss of their funds.

In addition, if it is possible to return such funds, a commission will be charged. If funds are deposited to different token addresses in different networks. For example -  if the user sends ETH to the BSC network, such a deposit will not be automatically credited to us, and this will require the intervention of developers, which entails additional costs and resources. Thus, a processing fee of $50 will be charged for processing such transactions. The timing of decisions in such situations is not limited by time.

5. Guarantees and responsibilities of the parties


5.1 FLASHOBMEN Service is not responsible for the User's losses resulting from illegal actions of third parties.

5.2  The Service guarantees the fulfillment of the terms of this agreement.


5.3 In exchange applications in which the Source currency is cryptocurrency, the Service guarantees the fixing of the exchange rate after the first confirmation of the transaction on the network. Until confirmation is received, the application can be recalculated according to the exchange rate, if it changes by more than 0.5%


In exchange requests in which the Source currency is cash, the exchange rate will be recalculated by the system every 5 minutes, until the actual receipt of funds by the Service partner.


If the application is paid in an amount different from the declared amount, the exchange rate for such an application will be recalculated according to the exchange rate at the time of receipt of payment.

6. Personal Data processing and Storage Policy.


An important condition for the operation of the Service Flashobmen.com The goal is to ensure the necessary and sufficient level of information security of assets, including personal data and the processes in which they are processed.

The Service highly values the relationship with Users and visitors of the Service, and understands the importance of ensuring security and confidentiality with respect to their personal data.

Any personal data that the user enters at the stage of registration of the application is securely encrypted using an SSL certificate.  

The Service processes personal data in the following cases:  

- In order to carry out measures to protect against fraud and other illegal actions; -

- In order to inform about the progress of the application and about the promotions conducted by the Service.

The Service has the right to transfer the user's personal data in case of an official request from law enforcement, judicial authorities, as well as official representatives of payment systems.

The Service guarantees compliance with this Policy and taking the necessary measures to protect Users' confidential information.

7. Force majeure
7.1. Neither the User nor the Service will be liable to each other for delays or non-fulfillment of their obligations resulting from the occurrence of force majeure circumstances, including natural disasters, fire, flood, terrorist acts, changes of power, civil unrest, as well as non-functioning of Payment systems, power supply systems, communication networks and Internet service providers.services.
Conditions of some payment systems:
• Perfect Money may delay transfers for more than 24 hours;
• If the amount of cryptocurrency sent by the User (Bitcoin, Ethereum and others) is less than 0.001 in equivalent, the money will not be refunded;
• According to the Qiwi offer, any payment made in this payment system can be stopped for additional verification by the Security Service of Qiwi Bank. The algorithm by which payments are selected for verification is not disclosed. Thus, any of our transfers to the client and transfers from the client to us can be delayed for up to 48 hours. After the decision of the Kiwi Bank Security Service, the funds will either be transferred to the recipient or returned to the sender. The process is independent of us and every situation will be solved one way or another. If the client's transfer has been checked by the Qiwi Security Service, then after the transfer has been checked and reached us, the application is restored at the current exchange rate;

• Citizens of Ukraine agree that they cannot make exchanges in which the Qiwi Payment System is involved due to the ban of the State bodies of Ukraine on working with this Payment Sistem.
• Bank transfers to Visa / Mastercard, Tinkoff, Raiffeisen are credited instantly in most cases, but in some cases they can take up to 5 business days to credit. The service cannot in any way affect the speed of transaction processing by the bank and is not responsible for delays on the bank’s side.
• The Service does not accept or send funds to Belarusian cards and does not work with Belarusian rubles, the Service does not accept E-Vaucher PerfectMoney.


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