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AML Policy

In order to counteract the legalization of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism, exchange offices conduct AML checks on transactions received from clients.

If the transaction is identified as high-risk, the exchange office may suspend the exchange operation until it is verified in accordance with FATF standards.

The Flashomben Service Administration, in connection with the danger of crimes related to money laundering and financing of terrorist activities,
developed a policy to detect such transactions
and other illegal activities.
To determine such transactions, the Flashobmen service uses the https://web.amlbot.com service. If the AML risk for a transaction exceeds 50%, the service reserves the right to:
1. Suspend the transaction for a period of 7 days or Hold the user's funds until the incident is fully investigated.
2. Ask the user for a photo or video with a document confirming the user's identity.
3. Request from the user a Screen/Video from the personal account of the wallet for withdrawing cryptocurrency;
4. Return digital assets only to the details from which the transfer was made or to other details, after a full check by the Service's security service and user verification.
5. Request from the user other materials and documents related to the application.
6. Refuse the Client to withdraw funds to the account of third parties without explanation.
7. The return will be processed by the Service within 7 (seven) calendar days, starting from the date when the User was notified with the decision of the Service regarding his return request.
When making a refund, after passing the check (verification), the user must confirm the details to receive a refund. The refund fee is deducted from the client's funds.
If the user does not provide the requested information and does not respond to service requests within 3 calendar months, the withheld funds will not be returned.
Service Comments

Use this service for half year already. I have never had any problems. Normally they switch funds within couple of minutes and refund some fees depending on your level in the system.


Really Love it super fast


so fast thanks


I submitted exchange order from 12 USD Perfect money to Payeer rubles. My exchange order number is : 588024 . I have received 693.42 Payeer rubles. Thank you Flash obmen.


I submitted exchange order from 88 USD Perfect Money to payeer RUBLE. My exchange order number is : 587061 . I have received 5018.89 Rubles. Thank you Flash obmen.


I am impressed. Worked perfectly!


Great service , support help a fast)

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